Alnwick Brewery

The Alnwick Brewery Company Limited initially started to brew beer in Alnwick from around 1750’s from a site in the town’s Dispensary Street. Sadly, in the 1960’s the buildings were pulled down before they could be listed, and the brewery temporarily closed only to be relaunched again in 2005 by the son of the original brewery’s last managing director. 

In 2013 the business was acquired by the Harry Hotspur group who also merged into it the significant brewing skills and brewery of another local brewer (namely the former VIP Brewery at Hawkhill). 

Since 2016 this integrated business has been focused on building its brewing capacity and extending its product range. From an initial selection of 5 traditional beers namely its range of casks and bottles of IPA, Amber, Stout, Brown & Gold the business has now expanded its product range. In addition to a lager, it now produces our Holy Island beer range, initially only Lindisfarne Brown and Holy Island Bitter, but in 2020 launched a wider range of more modern hoppy beers.



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