From the Notebook Hedgehog

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The Hedgehog is a well-known, once-common, nocturnal, hibernating mammal. Although being one of Britain’s favourite mammals, populations are currently in severe decline, with the interconnection of urban green spaces such as gardens becoming more important for their recovery. So this beer supports the work of the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society with their joint campaign, which aims to help people make their neighbourhoods more hedgehog friendly.  

With an “earthy nose and a prickly finish” this product celebrates the hedgehog’s well-known characteristics in beer form. It has an exceedingly well-balanced combination of roasted malt and hops to bring  these characteristics to the fore. Although it has an autumnal feel, this beer can be enjoyed all year round - even during Winter hibernation!

Bottle Size: 500ml
Strength (ABV): 3.8%
Gluten Free: No
Bottle Conditioned: No
Beer Style: Auburn Ale



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