First & Last Brewery Mini Kegs 5Ltr (approx 8.8pints)

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Can't get to the pub for your favourite First & Last brewery beer?

Or just having a few 'select friends' round for a drink, who's on your list??

We have a selection of 3 First & Last Brewery beers to choose from (select from the drop down menu)

Equivalent to approximately 8.8 pints. Store in a cool place.  Consume within 2 weeks of purchase. 

These mini-casks are cask conditioned, please allow to settle for 24 hours before serving.

The following are all available for DELIVERY or 'CLICK & COLLECT'

Reiver Bitter 4.2%: original in 5 litre minikegs.

A classic best bitter with a fruity aroma and flavour. Made with British malt and hops.

Red Rowan 4.0%:

Irish Red Ale with aromas of plum pudding and malted-milk biscuits and an intense deep red colour. Deliciously fruity, honey top notes and a warm spiced finish combine for a full-flavoured pint. Award winner at the SIBA NE Independent Beer Awards 2019.

Equinox Pale Ale 4.1%:

A hoppy session pale ale packed with New World (Citra) hops for a refreshing citrusy aroma and flavour.

Amarillo Pale Ale 4.5% :

An easy drinking pale ale hopped with a generous amount of Amarillo hops giving orange and grapefruit aromas and flavours.






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