Notes of Northumberland

Fine Fragrance expertly blended to bring memories of places, pastimes and people of Northumberland to your home.

A simple smell can bring back a flood of memories, influence your mood or even improve work performance. This is because smell is the only sense that can affect the memory and emotional part of the brain. When we first smell a new scent we subconsciously link it to an event, a person, a place or even a moment, our brain forges a link between the smell and the moment so when we smell the scent again the link is already there, ready to call up a memory or a mood almost instantaneously.

Our collection is built on this powerful link, each fragrance calling up that special memory of a place, person or moment. Introducing our products to your home will fill it with happy memories of times spent in Northumberland, lifting the mood for you, your family and your guests.



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