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  • St Aidan's Winery - The home of Lindisfarne Mead

    April 06, 2023 2 min lesen.

    St Aidan's Winery - The home of Lindisfarne Mead

    St Aidan's Winery is a winery located on Lindisfarne, a small tidal island off the coast of Northumberland, England. The winery was founded in 1968 by J. Michael Hackett, who was inspired by the island's rich history and its connection to the production of mead.


    The winery produces a variety of meads, including traditional dry meads, sweet meads, and meads made with fruit.

    St Aidan's Winery is one of the few commercial wineries in the world that produces mead. The winery is a popular tourist destination, and visitors can tour the winery, sample the meads, and learn about the history of mead making on Lindisfarne.

    The winery's name is a tribute to St Aidan, who founded a monastery on Lindisfarne in the 7th century. The monastery became a centre of learning and Christianity, and it is believed that the monks on the island produced mead.

    The winery's mission is to "produce the finest meads in the world" and to "share the joy of mead with the world." The winery's meads have won numerous awards, and the winery has been praised for its quality and innovation.

    Lindisfarne Mead is a mead blended with wine and honey The honey is sourced from around the world, and the water is taken from the island's artesian well.

    Lindisfarne Mead is a dry mead, which means that it has a low sugar content. The mead has a complex flavour that is both sweet and dry. The mead is also very smooth and easy to drink.

    Lindisfarne Mead is a popular choice for both experienced mead drinkers and those who are new to the beverage. The mead is a great way to enjoy the unique flavour of honey.