From the Notebook - Natural Selection Box

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If you are not sure which beer to try, why not purchase our pre-selected species mix.

The current Natural Selection Box contains 2 bottles of each of the following beers:

Kittiwake Golden Ale (4.0% abv), Arctic Tern IPA (6.0% abv),  Puffin Best Bitter (3.8% abv), Blackbird Mellifluous Mild (4.2% abv), Female Eider Dark Beer (4.2% abv), Little Tern Pale Ale (4.0% abv).

You can also customise the Natural Selection Box to suit, by swapping species (migration option) from any beer currently available in the From the Notebook range at Northumbrian Gifts.

Just call Stephen or Katrina on 01670 855338 to discuss your requirements.

 Arctic Tern - Eider - Kittiwake - Puffin - Little Tern-Blackbird


Bottle Size: 12 x 500ml
Strength (ABV): Varied
Gluten Free: No
Bottle Conditioned: No
Beer Style: Varied



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