From the Notebook Blackbird Mild Ale

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The Blackbird is a species of woodland and woodland edge, but one that has adapted exceedingly well to the urban environment. It is common throughout most of the UK with summer populations of around 5 million pairs. In the UK Garden Bird Watch 2019 it was the 3rd most reported bird (behind Blue Tit and Woodpigeon). Widely admired for its beautiful song, blackbirds often figure in the lists of many peoples’ favourite birds.

This is our third beer in support of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). This rich dark beer matches the blackbird’s plumage and has a soft, velvety texture. So like a blackbird in full song, it flows mellifluously over the palate. We are only too happy for this beer to support the work of the BTO, who have conducted or contributed to many of the formative and noteworthy studies on Blackbird biology.  


Bottle Size: 500ml
Strength (ABV): 4.2%
Gluten Free: No
Bottle Conditioned: No
Beer Style: Mild



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