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A large bird of the Stork family, the White Stork is a rare visitor to the British Isles, with around 20 sightings per annum. Up until recently, there were no records of successful breeding in the UK since a pair nested in Scotland in 1416. This has changed recently, thanks to the White Stork Project a collaborative effort between number of private landowners in West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey in partnership with the Roy Denis Wildlife Foundation, Warsaw Zoo and Cotswold Wildlife Park. In 2020 five baby storks hatched at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex. The project’s aim is to establish a breeding population of free-living White Storks in Britain once again. 

This Light Ale is brewed to celebrate the achievements of the project thus far and to benefit the project henceforth from royalties on this product paid by FTN Ltd to the White Stork Project (

Bottle Size: 500ml
Strength (ABV): 4.5%
Gluten Free: No
Bottle Conditioned: No
Beer Style: Light Ale



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