'Winter is coming' gift packs

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Brinkburn St Brewery’s Winter Is Coming gift sets are the perfect Christmas gift for that beer lover in your life.( see below for options )

Available with either 2x 750ml sharing bottles & 2 glasses (for sharing with your loved one) or 3 x 750ml bottles & 1 glass (for the non-sharing type). There are  3 winter beers :

The House Of The Rising Sun (ABV 7.2%), a decadent and luxuriant chocolate, raspberry porter;

Festive Hop Gremlin (ABV 5.6%), an ultra-hoppy and fruity winter IPA and our dedication to the pioneers of beer making,

Homage to Mesopotamia (ABV 5.2%) porter that includes late additions of Shiraz grape juice and honey (in the Mesopotamian style).

There are 2 options available for this gift set

Option 1 : 1 x each of the 750ml bottled ales : 1 x branded glass

Option 2 : 1 x Festive Hop : 1 x Message to Messapotamia : 2 x branded glasses 


Bottle 750ml
Strength (ABV): varied
Gluten Free: No
Bottle Conditioned: No
Beer Style: multiple styles



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