Wylam Common Azacca (440ml can) - 3.9%

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The first in a succession of common pale ales utilising the subtle side of our single hop variant program. Each exemplar will template the exact grist, ABV and fermentation profile as its predecessor providing a policy to exploit each chosen single hop variety. The San Francisco / Common lager strain, fermented at the high end of its scope delivers a nippy, crispy fresh finial alongside a creamy plump mouthfeel with a firm dry malt-back. The AZACCA hop is then administered in an understated, ultra-fine fashion that transforms and transcends into a perfect hybrid style with elements of sustained citrus fruit, delicate sliced mango flesh and clean orchard pear.

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Can Size: 440ml
Strength (ABV): 3.9%
Gluten Free: No
Vegan Friendly: Yes
Beer Style: DIPA



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