Holy Island Gin

In 2016 having purchased thier first traditional copper pot still 'Rose'.Holy Island gin experimented with dozens of botanicals and distilling methods before finally creating Holy Island Gin. The goal was to create a gin which captured the essence of  Island life. Fresh as the Northumberland coast which surrounds this idyllic island.

With eleven carefully selected botanicals including: Juniper, Nutmeg, Elderberries, Sweet Orange Peel, Rose Petal and Hibiscus this gin is Sweet and floral but with an undeniable Juniper kick.

They continue to distill each small batch of gin on one of their two stills, 100L ‘Mona’ and newest 250L still ‘Aila-Rose’. Using the most traditional and quality methods along with vapour infusion to create a fine and delicately flavoured gin.  



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